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The Large Iris card is the size of a typical greeting card 5" x 7". It functions as a mechanical iris similar to those used in photography aperture mechanisms. A tab on the card can be manually rotated to progressively open the hole in the center of the card up to a maximum size of two inches. The card also has slots on the reverse side which can hold a 2" x 3" photo that will be partially revealed when the iris is opened. See the video below for a demonstration of the card.

The optional envelope is just a plain white envelope. The card varies in thickness, but is approximately .09" thick at its thickest point. See the video below for a demonstration of the card. This listing is for the fully assembled card; the kit version that needs assembly can be found here.

About Templates: I'll work on getting a better template selection for the future, but in the meantime if you want one of the designs seen in the video with only a change to the text or color you may select the template printing option.


  • Holding the card near the center will pinch the moving parts and make them unable to move. It works best to hold it by the edges as seen in the video.
  • Most people don't know what to do with a card like this if you just hand it to them. It is usually a good idea to show them how it works as you are giving it to them, or include some printed indication of how to use it if you are sending it as some kind of greeting card.

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