Printing Info

Important Update:I am no longer offering custom printing. I am leaving this page accessible for reference.

Unless otherwise noted in the card's description, all of my cards can be customized to include your own text and graphics. If you order cards with a printed option you may contact me or I will contact you within two business days to discuss the layout. If you have any questions or would like to discuss your layout before placing an order please contact me.


Printing can be done on any number of cards, but there will be a $20 setup fee for orders less than 50 cards (setup fee applies for less than 100 cards on the Trebucard). Printing charges are applied per side of each card. Please see the printing option drop-down menu on each card's page for the printing prices. The charges may vary between different card types.

I would suggest laying out the design yourself to get exactly what you want or hiring a graphic designer if you would like a more professional design. If you want something really basic like just some text and your logo placed on the card then I can do the layout at your direction, but I don't offer any design services at this time. If you would like to try doing the layout yourself but don't have any graphics programs I would suggest the free vector graphics editor Inkscape

Printing is done on a modified ink-jet printer. This allows me to print on assembled cards which has the benefits of perfect alignment of graphics across various features and allowing me to ship cards within a few days of finalizing the layout. If you would like a sample to examine what a printed card looks like you may order cards with example printing through the printing options on the product pages.


The card outlines can be used to set up the card's graphics in relation to the card features. Use the drop-down boxes below to select the desired outline and format. If you need another format you can contact me and let me know.

Note: On some cards such as the Penny Shooter the orientation is arbitrary. Feel free to rotate the card to your desired orientation.


Once the design is finalized I will send a proof for your approval. This can either be done through sending a few actual cards with your design, or I can email a PDF for a quick approval. Please inspect the proof closely, and if you have not already ordered a card I would highly suggest the physical proof to make sure the card meets your expectations. Once the design is approved and the cards are printed no refunds will be given unless the cards are defective.


I should be able to import most file formats, so just send it to me in whichever format you are working with and if I have any problems we can discuss exporting it to a different format. The design should be sent to me in a format with layers and the template included as a separate layer so that the design can be seen in reference to the card features and so the template lines can easily be removed for printing. Vector graphics would be preferred, but if they are not available the graphics should be 300 dpi or greater.

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