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So why use a more expensive card that does something rather than just a normal business card? It certainly isn't a replacement for business cards in all cases and for all people, but the idea behind these cards is similar to the promotional pens, bags, shirts, and other items that companies will often give away. People will keep the cards around for their utility or entertainment value even if they don't need your products or services right away, and your name will be more accessible when you are needed.


Who is behind Cardnetics? My name is Bryce Bell and I am a Mechanical Engineer from Oklahoma. It started as just a fun project when I designed and built the Cardapult mainly just to see if it could be done. People seemed to like the card quite a bit and I liked the idea of designing similar cards, so I refined the build process as much as possible with my limited budget to see if people would actually buy enough of these cards to support a business. Right now it is a one man operation. If you would like to contact me you can find contact information on this page


How are they made? Prototypes are cut with a laser cutter and assembled by hand. Steel rule dies are used to cut the production cards in order to avoid the brown edges that the laser leaves. The production cards are also assembled by hand at this point (although I would like to change that so I can lower the price), but custom fixtures and masks are used to increase production speed.

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