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The Trebucard is a gravity powered catapult known as a trebuchet. It uses the weight of 16 pennies to fling a 'jumbo' size paperclip a distance of around 8-10 feet. It can fold up to the size of a standard business card (2" x 3.5") when not in use. The basic design differs from a typical trebuchet because it pivots on the surface it is resting on rather than a frame, but it operates on the same principles. I will provide at least one paper clip for every card ordered, but the coins used to make the counterweight are not included. Additional paper clips available here

Note to International buyers: The Trebucard was designed for United States Pennies. This card is fairly accepting of different size coins so there is a good chance it will work with your coins, but buy at your own risk. Specs for a US Penny - Diameter 19.05 mm (0.750 in) - Thickness 1.55 mm (0.061 in)

The following video shows the card in action.

And this video provides detailed operating instructions

Safety and Tips

  • This card can be used to launch projectiles. Please use common sense and your own discretion when operating these cards or giving them to other people. Do not use the cards to shoot projectiles at people, animals, or any other objects that could be damaged by the projectile. The operator of the card is liable for his or her own actions.
  • Most people don't know what to do with a card like this if you just hand it to them. It is usually a good idea to show them how it works as you are giving it to them.

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